Core Banking Solutions

As a part of extension of more and more facilities to our customers, Core banking facility is also being introduced in our Bank. Under Core Banking System our customers can operate their account from any of our networked branches. The branch where the customer maintains his account is the base branch and the branch from where he carries out his transactions is referred as the remote branches.

Direct Benefit Transfer facility (DBT) services  is provided to the customers

ATM CARD Facilities
Rupay Debit cards and Rupay KCC cards are available for the customer service.

ATM facilities at 8 branches

  1. Head Office
  2. College Road
  3. Kushalnagar
  4. Virajpet
  5. Gonikoppal
  6. Kutta
  7. Ponnampet
  8. Cherambane

Safe Deposit Lockers are available at all Branches of the bank of various sizes to suit the needs of different Customers.

RTGS - (Real Time Gross Settlement)
RTGS is the fastest possible interbank money transfer facility available through secure banking channels in India.

NEFT- (National Electronic Fund Transfer)
This system of fund transfer operates on a Deferred Net Settlement basis
Different kind of loans in our bank